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  • A "racing" fatality is a death that occurs during a race on the grounds of a licensed or franchised race track and includes any horse that dies or is euthanized as a direct result of injuries sustained from the time the horse leaves the Assembly Barn or Paddock to after the race, if such fatality occurs within 72 hours of the finish of such race. A fatality occurring 72 hours after a race is also classified as a "racing" fatality if the State's Equine Medical Director determines the fatality is a direct result of an injury sustained during the most recent race, regardless of time.

  • A "training" fatality is a death that occurs while training (breezing or galloping during training hours) on the grounds of a licensed or franchised race track.

  • A fatality categorized as an "other" fatality is a death that occurs apart from either racing or training. For instance, deaths as a result of colic or respiratory infections, chronic lameness such as laminitis or traumatic injuries that occurred in a stall or while being walked in a stable area are properly classified as an "other" fatality.

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